Ornithological Routes.

Monfragüe has several Routes where you can enjoy the most beautiful examples of Mediterranean forest, the most outstanding species of birds that we can observe are:
Residents: Iberian imperial eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, peregrine falcon, black vulture, griffon vulture, eagle owl, black wheate, solitary rocker, hoopoe, yellowfin tuna.Summer visitors: Egyptian vulture, European short-toed eagle, booted eagle, black kite, red kite, black stork, royal swift, coffee swift, oropendola. other animal species: otter, guineta, wild cat, deer, fox, wild boar.

The Berrea in Monfragüe.

With the arrival of autumn and the first rains, the large male deer begin to descend from the mountains to court the females and perpetuate their species, then a struggle begins to monopolize the largest number of females to which to transmit their genes. With their constant barking from dawn to dusk they control their territory and their females and try to expel other rival males, if even so this is not enough they can start fights between the big males, in which the strongest will keep the harem of females, in this way only the strongest get to mate, natural selection in its pure state.

Mountain Bike Routes.

Casa Rural Peña Falcón offers a bicycle rental service, as well as information on the best itineraries to do in Monfragüe to make the most of your visit.

Trekking routes.

Without a doubt, walking is the best way to enjoy Nature and the Monfragüe National Park gives us the chance to take advantage of our visit by hiking, enjoying all the ecosystems of Monfragüe and being able to observe the enormous biodiversity it shelters. Let yourself be guided by experts in the environment and with luck you will be able to observe some jewels as the most representative, that find in Monfragüe their best refuge.

Horseback Routes.

Casa Rural Peña Falcón offers you the possibility of enjoying Monfragüe on horseback in the most wonderful corners of Extremadura, surrounded by nature, fauna and flora. You will live unrepeatable and unforgettable experiences.


In the hottest months we propose to enjoy the tranquillity that the river Tiétar offers us and to know the landscape of Monfragüe from a different perspective. we will be able to enjoy seeing flying the vultures of the Portilla del Tiétar, crossing one of the forests of shore better conserved of Extremadura, we will observe from the canoes Martín pescador, Martinetes, Garzas and Ciervos.